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How You Can Grow Profits Without Depending on Google, Facebook, or the Latest Marketing Hack

Fragility Breeds Stress

When I started my retailer back in 2003, I wouldn’t say that I was the happiest guy in the world. Quite the opposite — my business frustrated the hell out of me.

I would devise some cool promotion or offer only to see our top competitors knock if off it the next week.

I would spend weeks figuring out a content strategy that would get us top Google ranking, implement it, and then freak out when Google changed up its ranking algorithm. [click to continue…]

Announcing: “The 2015 Email Marketing Sweepstakes Giveaway Contest”!

I’ve got a quick announcement to make for all my loyal readers.

Back in November I conducted a live masterclass on email marketing called Powerhouse Campaigns. In it I taught the five essential marketing campaigns that drove my retailer north of $1m in sales in a short period of time.

There was just one problem: the course was a bit too advanced for those just starting out with email marketing. The sophisticated customer data analysis techniques were, I have to admit, a bit irrelevant for anyone just getting started.

Enter: The Email Bootcamp

Because of this I decided to pull together an Email Bootcamp — a half-day workshop that will deliver everything you need to know to set up a kick-ass email foundation at your ecommerce retailer or SAAS company.  I’m pulling together the best program possible for a launch in mid-April.

If you’d like to hear more about the Bootcamp, please let me know here.

Learn Email, Win $4000 in Prizes

To hype up the launch, I’ve pulled together a bit of a contest. Enter the contest, and you could win everything you need to give the ultimate jump-start to your email marketing, from the best books in print to software and tools to free tickets to great online classes.

All in all, there are over $4000 worth of online marketing prizes.

I’m calling this contest “The 2015 Email Marketing Sweepstakes Giveaway Contest“.  

Great name, huh?

Check it out online. Please enter.

And key point: share the link too — I structured the giveaway such that the more people who enter via your link, the more chances you have to win. 

The 2015 Email Marketing Sweepstakes Giveaway Contest

  • $4000 in email marketing prizes
  • Enter online here
  • Share to increase your chances of winning

See Me, Hear Me: Build Grow Scale Live 2015

See Me, Hear Me: Build Grow Scale Live 2015 thumbnail

Who out there loves conferences?

I can’t get enough of them. They are a great chance to get away from your kids out of your weekly routine and think more strategically about your business and what’s going on in your industry.

If you are looking for an ecommerce-focused conference to hit this year, look no further: I’ll be speaking at the Build Grow Scale Live conference in Orlando this May.

The event looks incredible — 2-3 days of full on discussion from top experts on ecommerce growth. No, I will not be headlining (surprise surprise) — that honor is reserved for one Neil Patel.  Yes, that Neil Patel, the guy plastered all over the internet who does growth work for the likes of Amazon.com.

Either before or after Neil speaks — or maybe at the same time but on a much smaller stage in a nearby closet — I’ll be talking about the top marketing automation strategies that I see working throughout retail.

Other highlights include:

  • How to private label almost anything,
  • How to test the potential of each product before contacting the supplier
  • Direct media buying secrets from small sites you’ve never heard
  • How to grow an email list 5x bigger using a native ads platform and traffic from Youtube.
  • Paid acquisition tactics
  • and much much more on the event site!

So if you are looking to spice up your May, by all means stop by the event. And be sure to let me know — I’m sure the organizers will give me a card table or a couple folding chairs to hold a small “DS Meetup”, and I wouldn’t want to miss meeting you.

Final note: tickets to the conference go up in price at the end of March, so if you want a deal — get ’em now.

Announcing: Marketing Automation Workshop Starting Next Week

Email Is Boss

Email is hands-down the most powerful marketing channel for ecommerce retailers.

Conversion rates from email run about twice that of search, three times that of piddly social. And the average ecommerce newsletter generates $.20 per email sent — that’s over $20K per year from list of 1K subscribers.a

And that’s just for a “plain vanilla” email newsletter. Add in a modicum of improved targeting like win-back campaigns (they average $9 per email sent), bounce-back campaigns, or abandoned cart campaigns (they generate 15% average revenue lift) and you can see how even a small list can drive serious revenue.

As goes the list, so goes the retailer. (Go ahead and Tweet that.)  Don’t believe me? Look at these charts from Gilt, Fab, and others:

Gilt subscriber growth…

Gilt Groupe email subscriber growth


…leads to revenue growth…

Gilt Groupe Revenue Growth


…and same for these guys…

In each case, email subscriber growth preceded revenue growth. This is not a coincidence. Grow your list, grow your business.

And Yet Nobody Uses It

So why aren’t more ecommerce retailers embracing email marketing?

Most of you do a half-assed job of building your lists in the first place (I can’t even find the subscribe box on many sites I visit), or you just collect email addresses and do nothing with them.

I think there are three main reason for this avoidance:

  1. Small list size. In other words you don’t believe you need to think about email marketing until you actually have a list of 100 / 1K / 10K subscribers.
  2. No time. Like any entrepreneur, you are being pulled in too many directions and can’t carve out the time to build out an email program.
  3. No knowledge. You don’t know where to start with email, or you just think social is that much cooler.b

Email Marketing Made Easy

I don’t think these three reasons hold water:

  1. No list? If you are just starting out, then now’s the time to make list-building a priority. Fast growing retailers make this decision early on.
  2. No time? The beauty of email marketing is that you can automate it. Set up some triggered campaigns now, they will run forever. It really is set-and-forget which will free you up to focus on more time-intensive marketing work.
  3. No knowledge? Well I’m here to change that . . .

Powerhouse-Campaigns-logo-v2-6-300x56I’m teaching a live coaching workshop on email marketing for ecommerce retailers. It’s called “Powerhouse Campaigns,” and I’m kicking it off Nov 11. The workshop will run for five weeks.

During the workshop, students will implement a kick-ass email marketing program that gets immediate results. It’s based on the system that I used at my retailer to grow past $1 million in revenue, and it’s one I’ve employed with almost every consulting client I’ve ever had.

Now I’m teaching the system.

My workshop simplifies email marketing by focusing in on only five core campaigns — “Powerhouse Campaigns” — that each target a separate customer segment. Together they are all you need to create a growth machine that turns new site visitors into email subscribers, subscribers into customers, and customers into repeat customers.

And you can automate each campaign using any email service provider and shopping cart, so this machine will work while you sleep.

The workshop will not only introduce the campaigns, it will also speed implementation. I’ll share my email templates, routines, and checklists with you so that you can implement the machine at your own retailer in real time during the class.

If you’d like to learn more about the course, check out my details page here. I’ll also be hosting a webinar to review the five Powerhouse Campaigns this week — you can sign up here.

I should add that enrollment for the course ends on Thursday, November 6th, and we only have about five spots remaining as of Monday. So if you are interested, check it out sooner rather than later.

I believe that email marketing is one of — if not the — best ways to grow an ecommerce retailer. My goal with my workshop is to get you a proven email marketing system, faster. If you have any questions, email anytime — I look forward to working with you!

The Powerhouse Campaigns Masterclass

  • What? Live coaching workshop on using email to grow your retailer
  • When? Nov 11th for five weeks
  • How? Visit the Powerhouse Campaigns workshop page to learn more.
  • Enrollment closes Thursday, Nov 6. Five spots remaining.



  1. $.20 per email x 1000 subscribers x 2 emails per week x 52 weeks  (back)
  2. It is actually cooler to do stuff on social, but cool does not equal revenue.  (back)