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Announcing: Marketing Automation Workshop Starting Next Week

Email Is Boss

Email is hands-down the most powerful marketing channel for ecommerce retailers.

Conversion rates from email run about twice that of search, three times that of piddly social. And the average ecommerce newsletter generates $.20 per email sent – that’s over $20K per year from list of 1K subscribers.a

And that’s just for a “plain vanilla” email newsletter. Add in a modicum of improved targeting like win-back campaigns (they average $9 per email sent), bounce-back campaigns, or abandoned cart campaigns (they generate 15% average revenue lift) and you can see how even a small list can drive serious revenue.

As goes the list, so goes the retailer. (Go ahead and Tweet that.)  Don’t believe me? Look at these charts from Gilt, Fab, and others:

Gilt subscriber growth…

Gilt Groupe email subscriber growth


…leads to revenue growth…

Gilt Groupe Revenue Growth


…and same for these guys…

In each case, email subscriber growth preceded revenue growth. This is not a coincidence. Grow your list, grow your business.

And Yet Nobody Uses It

So why aren’t more ecommerce retailers embracing email marketing?

Most of you do a half-assed job of building your lists in the first place (I can’t even find the subscribe box on many sites I visit), or you just collect email addresses and do nothing with them.

I think there are three main reason for this avoidance:

  1. Small list size. In other words you don’t believe you need to think about email marketing until you actually have a list of 100 / 1K / 10K subscribers.
  2. No time. Like any entrepreneur, you are being pulled in too many directions and can’t carve out the time to build out an email program.
  3. No knowledge. You don’t know where to start with email, or you just think social is that much cooler.b

Email Marketing Made Easy

I don’t think these three reasons hold water:

  1. No list? If you are just starting out, then now’s the time to make list-building a priority. Fast growing retailers make this decision early on.
  2. No time? The beauty of email marketing is that you can automate it. Set up some triggered campaigns now, they will run forever. It really is set-and-forget which will free you up to focus on more time-intensive marketing work.
  3. No knowledge? Well I’m here to change that . . .

Powerhouse-Campaigns-logo-v2-6-300x56I’m teaching a live coaching workshop on email marketing for ecommerce retailers. It’s called “Powerhouse Campaigns,” and I’m kicking it off Nov 11. The workshop will run for five weeks.

During the workshop, students will implement a kick-ass email marketing program that gets immediate results. It’s based on the system that I used at my retailer to grow past $1 million in revenue, and it’s one I’ve employed with almost every consulting client I’ve ever had.

Now I’m teaching the system.

My workshop simplifies email marketing by focusing in on only five core campaigns – “Powerhouse Campaigns” — that each target a separate customer segment. Together they are all you need to create a growth machine that turns new site visitors into email subscribers, subscribers into customers, and customers into repeat customers.

And you can automate each campaign using any email service provider and shopping cart, so this machine will work while you sleep.

The workshop will not only introduce the campaigns, it will also speed implementation. I’ll share my email templates, routines, and checklists with you so that you can implement the machine at your own retailer in real time during the class.

If you’d like to learn more about the course, check out my details page here. I’ll also be hosting a webinar to review the five Powerhouse Campaigns this week — you can sign up here.

I should add that enrollment for the course ends on Thursday, November 6th, and we only have about five spots remaining as of Monday. So if you are interested, check it out sooner rather than later.

I believe that email marketing is one of — if not the — best ways to grow an ecommerce retailer. My goal with my workshop is to get you a proven email marketing system, faster. If you have any questions, email anytime — I look forward to working with you!

The Powerhouse Campaigns Masterclass

  • What? Live coaching workshop on using email to grow your retailer
  • When? Nov 11th for five weeks
  • How? Visit the Powerhouse Campaigns workshop page to learn more.
  • Enrollment closes Thursday, Nov 6. Five spots remaining.



  1. $.20 per email x 1000 subscribers x 2 emails per week x 52 weeks  (back)
  2. It is actually cooler to do stuff on social, but cool does not equal revenue.  (back)

Introducing: Customer Value Optimization, The Formula for Epic Growth

Customer Value Optimization

Here it is.

One week ago I alluded to the fact that after running a business for eight years and now consulting for businesses ranging from startups to billion-dollar companies, I’ve observed the exact same strategy leading to significant profitable growth at company after company.

Note the word “strategy”: this isn’t about tactics — not an SEO hack or an optimized sales funnel or what time of day to send emails. And it’s not some platitude like “the customer is always right” or “it’s better to retain customers than to acquire them”.

No, this is a strategy — an approach that I think comes as close to a universal approach to growth as any I’ve seen. [click to continue…]

I Need Your Advice (Please)!

UWS Lobsters

We had some killer lobsters on the roof the other day — one nice part of the summer I forgot to mention

OK I’ve gotten a lot of flack for the cliffhanger at the end of my last post. My bad. It’s just that I spent a fair amount of time this summer doing diligence on a couple viral news sites, and it really drove home the importance of headlining and open knowledge loops to increasing click thru rates. [click to continue…]

OK, Who Else Wants To Know Why I’ve Been AWOL?

OK, Who Else Wants To Know Why I’ve Been AWOL? thumbnail

Hi — remember me?

Drew. . . Drew Sanocki. You know, the guy who started writing about ecommerce on this very blog, oh, a year ago. The guy who was starting ecommerce companies back when Diapers.com was in diapers…

Yes, that guy.

So my last post was in March, 2014.  Five months ago.

I’m really blown away by how many of you noticed my absence, by the way.  Like, one person total.  Seriously.  And that was my virtual assistant, who only realized last week that I had stopped posting.

Well it’s good to know I am beloved by my audience.

So What Happened?

[click to continue…]